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BENEFITSDedicated to Providing Quality Laboratory Services

Analytical Projects

Trust the experts at Pathlabs to carry out difficult projects.

Strict Quality Practices

Pathlabs is equipped to support rigorous quality standards.

Customized Solutions

We develop customized protocols, methods.

Advanced Instruments

Our teams of scientists use a wide range of instruments.

MICROBIOLOGYClinical Microbiology Tests

The testing leverages state-of-the-art methodologies to ensure precision and reliability of findings. Our laboratory conducts a broad range of standard and specialized microbiology testing on various specimens including tissue, blood, urine, wound swabs, and other body fluids.

TThe Microbiology Laboratory also performs a spectrum of analysis including:

  • Automated identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Rapid detection of pathogens using molecular methods
  • Culture and sensitivity testing
  • Parasite identification
  • Analysis for bacterial and fungal infections
  • Committed to identification and isolation of infections

HEMATOLOGYClinical Hematology Tests

The testing utilizes the latest technologies to provide the most accurate results.

Laboratory performs a wide variety of basic and advanced hematology testing on whole blood, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluids and other body fluids.

The Hematology Laboratory also performed body fluid analysis including:

  • Routine coagulation testing (PT and PTT)
  • Cell counts and WBC differentials on CNS

CHEMISTRYClinical Chemistry Tests

Our testing employs cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver the most trustworthy results. The Laboratory carries out an extensive array of basic and advanced chemistry tests on serum, plasma, urine, and other body fluids.

The Chemistry Laboratory also carries out various analyses such as:

  • Automated chemistry analysis with a wide range of biochemical markers
  • Drug monitoring and toxicology testing
  • Endocrine and metabolic tests
  • Lipid profiles and liver function tests
  • Electrolyte and acid-base balance assessments
  • Renal Disorders

SEROLOGYClinical Serology Tests

The testing utilizes innovative methodologies to ascertain the highest accuracy and reliability.

The laboratory conducts a diverse range of serological tests on serum, plasma, and other body fluids to detect and measure antibodies or antigens.

The Serology Laboratory also carries out a range of analyses such as:

  • Automated immunoassays for a variety of diseases
  • Testing for viral and bacterial infections
  • Autoimmune and allergy testing
  • Blood typing and compatibility testing
  • HIV and Hepatitis screening
  • Testing serum samples for antibodies and antigens
  • Rapid Pregnancy screening

HISTOLOGYClinical Histology & Cytology Tests

Our testing uses the most recent advances in histological techniques to deliver the most precise and reliable results. The Laboratory performs an extensive selection of basic and advanced histology tests on tissue samples.

The Histology Laboratory also performs a variety of analyses such as:

  • Automated tissue processing and embedding
  • Staining for histological and pathological examination
  • Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization
  • Special stains for specific structures and pathogens
  • Microscopic evaluation of tissue morphology and disease.

MOLECULARAdvanced Molecular Testing

The Molecular laboratory is at the forefront of precision medicine, offering a wide range of diagnostic and prognostic tests.

The Molecular laboratory specializes in the detection of genetic, infectious, and neoplastic diseases, providing accurate and reliable results for patient diagnosis and treatment.

Key services and capabilities include:

  • Genetic Sequencing and Genotyping
  • Infectious Disease Identification
  • Tumor Markers and Oncology Testing
  • Personalized Medicine and Therapeutic Monitoring
  • Rapid Diagnostic Platforms for Emerging Pathogens

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Order blood tests online and take charge of health
Order blood tests online and take charge of health
Order blood tests online and take charge of health
Order blood tests online and take charge of health
Order blood tests online and take charge of health
Order blood tests online and take charge of health